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Today is  Friday, April 12, 2019



Daily Announcements

It's a GREAT Day to be a Jr. Potter!

Spring Break is April 15 - 23 Enjoy!

MJHS Quotes of the Week

“Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing” -Wernher von Braun

On Today's Birthday Calendar

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today - to JOSEPH ESTES and Mr. SCHICK. Savor every minute. By our calculations, birthdays fly by quick.Then a quick shout out to the birthdays over break… we hope they are better than great:
TOBY COWLEY’s birthday is Palm Sunday...BRETT MICHEL, JACK STUMP and ANDREW ZEITHAMMER are older on Monday. TUESDAY the 16th - ELLE HAWKS & MOSES SMITH have birthdays at hand. Then on WEDNESDAY the 17th, OLIVIA BELSLEY and MR. HOFFMAN… may you have the best birthdays in the land.
THURSDAY the 18th a Birthday DUET… BROOKS NEUHOFF & HALEY SAUDER and we aren’t finished yet! The 19th MADDY FARWELL and BRETT ENGLAND start a new age. The 20th, ELI WEIGAND and MISS SHORE take the birthday stage. ONE BIRTHDAY, EASTER SUNDAY - belongs to ALEXIS J. BROOKS. May it be extra special, as it goes down in the books. ON MONDAY the 22nd, we’ve GABRIELLE BIRTHDAYS in a pair. GABRIELLE DARNELL & GABRIELLA HASINGER - there’s celebration in the air. That concludes our BIRTHDAYS OVER BREAK LIST. You can check the student announcements if you think your name was missed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL.

You Need to Know TODAY:


***SPRING PICTURES are on THURSDAY APRIL 28th. Parents can order at mylifetouch.com The MJHS PICTURE DAY ID: JP618324Y0

***GRANDPARENTS DAY is happening MAY 3rd! 8th Grade Grandparents may arrive at 8:45AM. 7th Grade Grandparents may arrive at 12:00PM. ALL GRANDPARENTS must have paper reservations turned into the office. All students must buy purchase a $3 ticket. Reservations are online to print at home OR you make pick one up in the office. They are DUE on April . Be sure to get the correct GRADE LEVEL. Students pay $3. Grandparents are free, as our guests.

Lunch News

Entrees of the Day:


FR/4/12:Cheesy Garlic Flatbread & Golden Corn

SNACKS, BOTTLED WATER and COOKIES are not included in the meal deal. The meal deal is the main entree of the day… or an alternate Sandwich or Pizza… plus a milk, at least one veggie and on fruit. 

Cafe Tidbits

Extra fruit costs more. $2.65 is the cost of the meal deal. Please discuss with your parents the amount you can spend daily. Don’t forget, the number THREE is the magic number in a $2.65 MEAL DEAL - You must take an Entree… that can be the Entree of the Day OR one of the alternate options like a burger, slice of pizza and chicken sandwich...but YOU MUST ADD one MILK and at least ONE FRUIT or VEGETABLE to complete the $2.65 meal deal. Potato Chips, Bottled Water and Cookies are NOT in the standard meal deal. Be sure you discuss them with your parent BEFORE you add them to your plate for extra cost.

Lunch Charges

Do you have lunch charges? Just a reminder that if you have a lunch charge you need to put money on your account immediately. Your parent can pay on EFunds or a check/ cash to the cafeteria at your next lunch. If you do not get your charges paid you will be referred to the office to talk to Mr. Hoffman or Mr. Carter. Be sure and get them paid right away.

Things You Need to Know:

School Rule

** NO OPEN DRINKS IN LOCKERS… NO POLAR POPS… HOT OR ICED COFFEE DRINKS… and NO OPEN SODA BOTTLES! Your lunchbox beverages must remain in your lunch box sealed until lunch. Email Mr. Hoffman if any of this in unclear.

** DRESS CODE REMINDER. No pants with holes above mid-thigh, which is where your fingertips land when arms are at your side. (Page 50-51 in your student handbook.) *Refer to the handbook at the MJHS website under the student tab.

** There is a black shelf in the office is the Island of Forgotten Items dropped off by parents. The office does not call you down forgotten items. It is the student’s responsibility to come seek and find your forgotten items on the shelf. Come and look any time between classes. Your parent may email you to let you know it is here. Your email is first.last@mcusd709.org

The View From LMC:

Today is NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE DAY! A favorite comfort food is a reason to celebrate. One restauranter put it this way: “A perfect grilled cheese has to have a super crispy exterior, brushed with garlic oil. Lots of melty cheese in the center. Thick cut, handmade bread is a must!” Today, gourmet grilled cheese have made it onto menus everywhere. What is your favorite cheese? Happy National Library Week! Stock up on books for break and renew books that need renewing. The LMC is the place to be.

Detention Today:

Detention will be held by:

4/12 Fri: Mr. Gashaw - LMC

4/23 Tue: Mr. Gashaw - LMC

4/24 Wed: Miss Hasler - Room 214

4/25 Thur: Mr. Gashaw - LMC

04/26 Fri: Miss Hasler - Room 214

04/27 Sat: Miss Hasler - Room 214

04/29 Mon: Miss Hasler - Room 214

04/30 Tue: Miss Hasler - Room 214

If You are a Student with an iPad:

This announcement is for you. Your iPad is a learning AND communication device. Checking your email is a student responsibility. Not optional but an expectation. PLEASE add an alarm to your iPad if you need one, but you need to check your email at the beginning and end of every school day - and more often, if possible.

Forgotten Items

There is a black shelf in the office is the Island of Forgotten Items dropped off by parents. The office does not call you down forgotten items. It is the student’s responsibility to come seek and find your forgotten items on the shelf. Come and look any time between classes. Your parent may email you to let you know it is here. Your email is first.last@mcusd709.org.

Lost & Found


Lost & Found is outside of the cafeteria doors across from the bathrooms. Look for your items. They are donated several times a year when the shelf is full. THAT SHELF IS NOT a place to put binders and iPads while you eat lunch. Binders and iPads MUST be in lockers during lunch.

MJHS Club News

Today's Clubs

NO WRITER’S CLUB and NO HOMEWORK CLUB the April 23rd on April 25th.

Art Club

Art Club explodes with colorful fun. Join us after school most Mondays until 4:00. There's no cost, just come on up the art room after school. We'll meet nearly every Monday.

Chess Club

Chess Club is done for this year.

Disc Golf

DISC GOLF is done for the year. Thank you to all of those that participated. We hope you had fun!

Drama Club

Until 4pm with Miss Henrichs on scheduled Tuesdays.

Homework Club

Do you need a great place to do your homework after school? Homework Club is the place for you. We will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday in room 210. The time will be 3:05-4:00. You do not need to stay for the whole hour if homework is completed. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Ogden.

Junior Potter Writing Center

The writing center is now open for everyone to use on Tuesdays from 3-3:45 pm and Thursdays from 7:15-8 am for peer tutoring. If you ever want help on any writing assignment, stop by the writing center in Ms. Shore’s classroom, Room 212, or submit your writing for online feedback. The student coaches look forward to helping you get it write!

Miss Shore is the sponsor. Writers meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays as assigned. Check Google Classroom for the latest updates.

Math Counts

This club has finished for the year.

Rubik's Cube

MEETS ON THURSDAYs after school with Mr. Breaux. All are welcome.

Scholastic Bowl

The questions were tossed and our Scholastic bowl teams were ready to answer. The scholastic bowl team won both matches against Deemack last night.

Student Council

See Google Classroom for updates

T3 (Table Top Time)

T3 happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 3- 4:15 in room 117. New players always welcomed!" If you want more information see either Mr. Parrott or Mr. Stork.

From the Sports Desk:

Track & Field

The next meet is Wednesday April 24 at Germantown Hills. Meet time is 4:00 p.m.

Practices have begun. Mr. Swearingen, Mr. Bishop and Mr. Williams are coaches who are in the building if you have questions.

Intramural Golf

Spring/Fall Intramural Golf : If you are were not able to attend the informational meeting but would like information, please email Mr. Tierney at jacob.tierney@mcusd709.org.

Intramural Tennis

See Mr. Martin if you have any questions.

From the Music Desk:

Jazz & Honor Band

JAZZ & HONOR BAND: Congrats to our jazz band and honor band this weekend! The only middle school ensembles (out of 21) at the heritage festival and won the spirit award!

Limited Edition Jazz Choir

Wayward Instruments

Instruments found in the GYM can be collected with detention referrals. If you instrument remains in the GYM… expect a detention.