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Thursday, March 23, 2023




Daily Announcements

Good morning!... and it’s a GREAT DAY to be a JR. POTTER!

On Today's Birthday Calendar

Happy Birthday to Joshua Barnes and Haley Huff–Hope you both have the best day and stop in the office for your birthday treat!

Fun Fact

This week’s “Fun Fact Friday”...

Did you know that you should always wear green on St. Patrick’s Day!?--It is believed that if you wear green then you will be invisible to leprechauns and if you don’t, then a leprechaun will see you and pinch you!!! Hope everyone is wearing green today!!!

You Need to Know TODAY:

*Spring Portraits are today during lunches. If you are having your picture taken, please go to the KILN lobby during your lunch with your picture packet.

*Morton High School Color Guard Auditions will be tonight from 6-9pm at Lincoln School Gym. Equipment will be provided for those without it. All are welcome!

After School today...
*T3 Gaming in Mr. Parrott’s Room, Rm. 109 from 3:00-4:30 pm

*Harry Potter Club in the Band Room from 3:00-4:00pm

Lunch News

Entrees of the Day:

THE MJHS CAFE ENTREE OF THE DAY: Student lunches cost $2.90 for a meal. An Entree, A Milk and a Veggie make it a meal… and you may add a fruit, too. Extras cost extra and you will need money on your account to cover extra things like a second burger, cookie or water.

3/20--Chicago Style All Beef Hot Dog

3/21--"Say Cheese" Toasted Sandwich

3/22--Chicken Mashed Potato Bowl

3/23--Mini Corn Dogs

3/24--Honey BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich

Daily Entrees:
Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Pizza Selection, and Cheesy Nachos

**Crispy Chicken Salad will NOT be offered until further notice due to supply issues.**

Cafe Tidbits

Extra fruit costs. Extra is not included in the free lunch deal. Please discuss with your parents the amount you can spend daily. Don’t forget, the number THREE is the magic number in a free MEAL DEAL - You must take an Entree… that can be the Entree of the Day OR one of the alternate options like a burger, slice of pizza and chicken sandwich...but YOU MUST ADD one MILK and at least ONE FRUIT or VEGETABLE to complete the the meal deal.

Potato Chips, Bottled Water and Cookies are NOT in the standard meal deal. Be sure you discuss them with your parent BEFORE you add them to your plate for extra cost.

Things You Need to Know:

School Rule

BUS STUDENTS report to the CAFETERIA after school to wait for busses. There is time to use the restroom and gather your belongings from your locker. A teacher will call out your bus. Playing on phones and iPads is the most #1 cause of students missing the bus.

***Dress Code

Holey jeans? Holes must be mid-thigh. Please refer to the dress code policy in the student handbook online.

Short shorts are not in dress code. They must be mid-thigh. Please look at the dress code policy

JUST A REMINDER...NO HOODS from sweatshirts should be worn during class and in the hallways.

** NO OPEN DRINKS IN LOCKERS… NO POLAR POPS… HOT OR ICED COFFEE DRINKS… and NO OPEN SODA BOTTLES! Your lunchbox beverages must remain in your lunch box sealed until lunch.

Detention Today:

3/20--Hartzler Rm. 217

3/21--Hartzler Rm. 217

3/22--Hartzler Rm. 217

3/23--Hasler Rm. 214

3/24--Hasler Rm. 214

3/25--Hartzler Rm. 217

If You are a Student with an iPad:

This announcement is for you. Your iPad is a learning AND communication device. Checking your email is a student responsibility. Not optional but an expectation. PLEASE add an alarm to your iPad if you need one, but you need to check your email at the beginning and end of every school day - and more often, if possible.

Forgotten Items

There is a shelf in the office where you can pick up the things your parents bring to school. You will not be called to the office to pick us your forgotten items. This includes student responsibility items including PE shirts, iPads and food items. Students will not be called down to pick up these items. Your parents can email you when they deliver items. You are always welcome to stop by the office and look for your item between classes.

Lost & Found

LOST AND FOUND is located on the black rack, outside of the cafeteria. If you have lost something, be sure to check their first and in the office.

MJHS Club News

Adventure Club

Art Club

Art club meets every Tuesday after school in Mrs. DuPont's room (Rm. 216) from 3:10-4:00pm.

Chess Club

Cooking Club

Cooking Club meets after school in Room 215 on March 30, April 20, and May 11.

Disc Golf

Harry Potter Club

The next Harry Potter Club meeting will be Thursday, March 23 from 3:00-4:00 in the Band room.

Homework Club

Next Homework Club Meeting will be March 22, March 28, and March 29 from 3:05-4:00 in Mrs. Rabe's room, Rm. 204.

Student Council

The next Student Council Meeting will be Thursday, April 20 at 7:30am in Ms. Hasler's Room, Rm. 214.

Writing Club

T3 Gaming

Tabletop Time--Boardgames, Dungeons & Dragons, Card Games, Hangout and Have fun!!

Meets every Thursday from 3:00-4:30pm in Mr. Parrott's Room, Rm. 109.

Intramural Bowling Club

Intramural Golf

Intramural Golf is going to Quail Meadows for chipping, putting, and sand trap practice from 3:15-4:30. Reminder that you may not attend if you have not turned in your permission slip–You will all meet in the KILN Foyer and you will ride Bus #3. Bus will leave at 3:15.

Intramural Tennis

Any students interested in play intramural tennis there will be an informational meeting in the Orchestra room on Wednesday, March 15 from 3:00-3:10.

Reach out to Mr. Martin if you have any questions.

From the Sports Desk:

Sports News


Cross Country

Dance Team

Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


Scholastic Bowl



From the Music Desk:

From the Music Room


Limited Edition Jazz Choir

Winter Guard

The JV Winter Guard will meet every Thursday evening at Lincoln Gym from 6-7:45pm beginning on February 4th. Students do NOT need to have previous experience with flags or dance to join the group. ALL 7th & 8th grade students are welcome!

Orchestra Junior Prelude