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MJHS Quotes of the Week

"Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

On Today's Birthday Calendar


You Need to Know TODAY:

HELP-A-THON PACKETS WENT HOME BEFORE BREAK!!! They will be due back APRIL 16th. HELP-A-THON will happen on MAY 5th. It is THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR. Gather money from your family and loved ones to sponsor your service time. Volunteering together as a school creates magic all over Morton. You can make a difference and raise funds for extra good things in our school building.

***In order to access PowerSchool, your username and password are now your school email address and the password for your Google account. Your old credentials will no longer work.

BUS STUDENTS: We are back in the CAFE to wait for busses.

Lunch News

Entrees of the Day:


4/14 Cheesy Beef Nachos Or Pizza Burger
4/15 Crispy Chicken Bacon Melt Or BBQ Chicken Sandwich
4/16 Italian Meatball Sub Or Pizza Munchable with Cheese & Marinara
4/19 Mini Corn Dogs Or Grilled Cheese Sandwich
4/20 Chicken Fajitas w/Roasted Peppers or Cheese Quesadilla
4/21 Cheesy Beef Nachos or Crispy Chicken Salad
4/22 Chicken Nuggets or Turkey Ranch Roll-up
4/23 BBQ Rib Sandwich or Pepperoni Pizza
4/26 Cheeseburger or Crispy Chicken
4/27 French Toast Sticks & Turkey Sausage or Cheese Sticks
4/28 Homemade Mac & Cheese or Jumbo Corn Dog
4/29 Pizza Dippers w/Marinara Sauce or Walking Tacos
4/30 Chicken Tenders or Pizza Munchable w/Cheese & Marinara

Cafe Tidbits

Extra fruit costs more. $2.80 is the cost of the meal deal. Please discuss with your parents the amount you can spend daily. Don’t forget, the number THREE is the magic number in a $2.80 MEAL DEAL - You must take an Entree… that can be the Entree of the Day OR one of the alternate options like a burger, slice of pizza and chicken sandwich...but YOU MUST ADD one MILK and at least ONE FRUIT or VEGETABLE to complete the $2.80 meal deal. Potato Chips, Bottled Water and Cookies are NOT in the standard meal deal. Be sure you discuss them with your parent BEFORE you add them to your plate for extra cost.

Lunch Charges

Do you have lunch charges? Just a reminder that if you have a lunch charge you need to put money on your account immediately. Your parent can pay on EFunds or a check/ cash to the cafeteria at your next lunch. If you do not get your charges paid you will be referred to the office to talk to Mr. Hoffman or Mr. Carter. Be sure and get them paid right away.

Things You Need to Know:

School Rule

Bus riders will wait in the CAFE after school. A teacher will be there to help call buses to make sure you catch yours. Bus riders must remain in the building in the cafeteria until your bus comes.

Remember 8th grade will be in the halls three minutes before. Stay to the right… we are practicing our driving skills… and social distance as much as possible. Mr. Hoffman calls it “spit space” but no spitting… ever... please. It’s gross.

***Dress Code

Holey jeans? Holes must be mid-thigh. Please refer to the dress code policy in the student
handbook online. No holes above midthigh without a patch behind them.

Short shorts are not in dress code. They must be mid-thigh. Please look at the dress code policy
in the student handbook online. No holes above the knee without a patch behind them.

JUST A REMINDER...NO HOODS from sweatshirts should be worn during class and in the

** NO OPEN DRINKS IN LOCKERS… NO POLAR POPS… HOT OR ICED COFFEE DRINKS… and NO OPEN SODA BOTTLES! Your lunchbox beverages must remain in your lunch box sealed until lunch. Email Mr. Hoffman if any of this in unclear.

The View From LMC:

On April 14, Look Up At The Sky Day encourages us to admire the beauty above us. On this day we all hope for good weather and an opportunity to fill our eyes with the sky from horizon to horizon.
There are many things that you can see as you sit back, relax and look up. The sky’s beautiful blue color, the clouds, and their many shapes. Perhaps the sun (maybe peeking through the clouds), and many different birds flying around captures our attention. At night, the sky holds many stars, the moon, and even the clouds drifting.Search the heavens for constellations, planets, and the Milkyway. Watch for a meteor shower or a single falling star. Over the horizon, an aurora borealis might begin to dance bringing on a beautiful show.

Detention Today:

Wednesday 4/14 - Mrs. Hartzler - Rm 217
Thursday 4/15 - Mrs. Rabe - Rm 204
Friday 4/16 - Mrs. Rabe - Rm 204
Saturday 4/17 - Mrs. Rabe - Rm 204

If You are a Student with an iPad:

This announcement is for you. Your iPad is a learning AND communication device. Checking your email is a student responsibility. Not optional but an expectation. PLEASE add an alarm to your iPad if you need one, but you need to check your email at the beginning and end of every school day - and more often, if possible.

Forgotten Items

There is a black shelf in the office is the Island of Forgotten Items dropped off by parents. The office does not call you down forgotten items. It is the student’s responsibility to come seek and find your forgotten items on the shelf. Come and look any time between classes. Your parent may email you to let you know it is here. Your email is first.last@mcusd709.org.

Lost & Found

THE LOST AND FOUND can be found in the hallway by the bathrooms near the cafeteria.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS: Students are NOT allowed to call home for iPads and homework. These are student responsibility items. IF YOU EMAIL YOUR PARENTAL UNIT to bring in a forgotten item - like a lunch - you MUST come looking for it in the office. There is a black shelf behind the door where you can look for your items between classes. You are ALWAYS welcome to stop in and look.

MJHS Club News

Art Club

TUESDAY’S are for 7th & 8th GRADE ART CLUB. All are welcome. See Mrs. Du Pont with questions.

Book Club

Mr. Carter hosts Relentless Optimism on FIRST THURSDAYS 7:20-7:50 in the LMC.

Drama & Speech Club

Drama Club meets on THURSDAYS.

Harry Potter Club

The owl has arrived with news. The next Harry Potter Club meeting for BOTH Group 1 and Group 2 will be on Wednesday, April 28 from 3-4 after school. See one of the Hogwarts professors -- Ms. Shore, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ewing, or Mr. Stork -- if you have any questions!

Homework Club

MEETS TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. Do you need a place to do your homework after school? Homework Club is the place for you. We will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday in room 210. The time will be 3:05-4:00. You do not need to stay for the whole hour if homework is completed. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Ogden.

Scholastic Bowl

Email Mr. Ames if you have any questions.

Student Council

See Miss Halser and/or Mrs Rabe with any questions.

T3 (Table Top Time)

TABLE TOP TIME (Best known as T3) T3 meets on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:15 in Mr. Parrott's room(209). All are welcome!

Writers Club

WRITERS CLUB meets Monday from 3-3:45 P.M. and Thursday at 7:15 A.M. The writing center is open for tutoring! If you ever need help on a writing assignment for any class, peer tutors will be available in Room 212 to help you on Mondays after school till 3:45 and Thursdays before school at 7:15 A.M.

From the Sports Desk:

Sports News

SPORTS NEWS: We will now permit students to attend girls' basketball games and wrestling meets.
If you are interested, YOU MUST fill out the form attached below by NOON. We are limiting the number to around 25 students. If way more than 25 sign up, we will select the students through a lottery.
There is no admission charge this year for games. Tomorrow's games start at 4:30 (7th Grade) and about 5:45 (8th Grade).
MR. CARTER will email a new sign-up form for each contest.

Girls Basketball

Metamora felt the heat in The Kiln on Tuesday when both girls basketball teams had two huge wins. Great team wins by both teams.

High School Football

8th Grade boys planning to play HS football in the fall - There will be an informational meeting for anyone planning to play HS football on April 28 at 5:30 in the HS gym. Parents and players should attend.

Track & Field


See Coach Gashaw with any questions.

From the Music Desk:

From the Music Room

Winter Guard

Jazz & Honor Band

Limited Edition Jazz Choir