7th Grade - White Team

Welcome to our webpage! We are glad you are here. The White Team is an exciting group of teachers who is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to incorporate multiple teaching styles to identify and respond to the specific learning styles of our students. We try to connect with each student so that they are stimulated and challenged academically, in an environment where they can feel safe and accepted. Learning should be an ongoing process for both the student as well as the educator. The education of children can best be accomplished with a coordinated teamwork between teachers, parents, students, and community members.


The White Team works together to create several interdisciplinary units each year that integrate the core subject areas around a central theme. Some of our units involving the whole team are - a look at the decade of the 1930's, a state project that incorporates the use of Moviemaker, our European IDU, a look at the Earth, and the Human body. Fun and exciting activities planned within these units include, a popcorn viewing of the student-made State Movies, White Team's Taste of Europe, a viewing of Discovery's Planet Earth at the Bertha Frank Center, a Peoria Chiefs Game at O'Brien Field, and a softball tournament at Westwood Park. Because our teachers are always coming up with new and innovative ideas, our units are always changing! Individual teachers also work together to create several mini-units around more specific themes.