It is very important to call your student's absence in EVERY DAY that they are gone from school.  Please try to CALL the absent line before 8:00am. Dial 284-5000 leave your student's name and the reason for his/her absence.

IF your student has an appointment during the day, please write a note and send it with them to school.  Have them bring it into the office in the morning so we can sign it and the note becomes their pass.  On the note please be sure to write the time you would like for them to leave.  When that time comes they will show it to their teacher and bring it back down to the office and give it to Mrs. Parod.  They will proceed to sign out and leave.  When they return to the school they will need to come back into the office to sign back in and a pass will be written for them to go back to class.

If you are going to be gone for 1 day or for several days on a trip, Please fill out the Limited Excuse Form here. Please fill in the information needed and click submit. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THEY GET THEIR ASSIGNMENTS BEFORE THEY LEAVE ON THE TRIP.