Student Support Services

Student Support Services


Beliefs of Student Support Services


  • All students can learn.

  • Students are at the center of decision-making.

  • Supports and interventions are rooted in best practice and researched based models



RISE   Reaching Independence with Support & Education.


The RISE program is designed to support students' functional, academic, and communication skills while fostering a love of learning, socializing with peers, and increasing their independence. The key components of the program include low staff/student ratios, individualized goals with proper support, administrative involvement from both building and district levels, and increased parent communication/partnership.


Students in the RISE program have a daily rotation of practical experience for career development including recycling, mail delivery, grocery shopping.


Cooking Adventures - Educating cooking empowers our students to make nourishing food choices through hands-on learning and new recipes weekly.

The Classy Company - The students have created their own class business where they put their creative minds to the test in producing a unique product and practicing their sales & money-changing skills to sell to the district monthly.

Community Based Instruction - Students have many opportunities to increase independence in community mobility & age-appropriate social skills in public settings through various community outing trips.



ACES   Academic Connections, Emotional Support


The ACES classroom utilizes the Lion's Quest Social-Emotional Learning curriculum. Our main focus is on creating a calming environment where students can regulate their emotions, then return to class.  The classroom is led by a special education teacher and is directly supported by our school psychologist and social worker. Students are identified for this program using specific parameters based on their individual social/emotional needs.  




It is the resource teachers’ goal to provide students with the necessary support to ensure their academic success while also providing them with the tools they need to be lifelong learners. We look forward to building relationships with all students, so they can grow and reach their full learning potential.


7th Grade Resource Homework Page

8th Grade Resource Homework Page


Multilingual Services


MJHS provides multilingual services to our students who qualify for support. Depending on students' English proficiency they receive a range of academic support services. Some students will receive their ELA instruction from the multilingual teacher in a small group environment. Others will receive support within the classroom following a push-in model of instruction. In that case students may receive modified work again based on their English proficiency. All teachers who work with our multilingual students receive information about their needs and how to meet them from their classroom. Multilingual staff work to support teachers and students daily.


MTSS  Multi-Tiered System of Support


The Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a comprehensive framework for delivering quality instruction, differentiated instruction, and targeted support for every student. The focus is on academic and social-emotional needs in all school and classroom settings while using a variety of data sources for progress monitoring to ensure that students are successful. MTSS uses a systemic process of collaborative problem solving that includes the assessment of students within their environments, identification of their needs, development and implementation of support(s) to meet the needs, and the continual monitoring and evaluation of intended outcomes.


MJHS offers different interventions and classes to help support students in their academic and social emotional growth. Through data collection, students may be enrolled in Intervention Classes such as a supported study hall, WIN (What I Need), reading intervention, and math intervention. Intervention classes are discussed every quarter for appropriate placement.