Morton Junior High is a seventh and eighth grade junior high by name, but a middle school by philosophy.  Seventh graders are divided into two teams and are assigned a core-teaching group consisting of a science teacher, a language arts teacher, a math teacher, and a social studies teacher.  Eighth graders are divided up the same way and are assigned a similar core of teachers.  Each student then is assigned to an exploratory teacher they have for a nine-week time period.  Every student has daily physical education.  Students may also choose to participate in band, orchestra, or vocal music.  A wide variety of extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations are offered.

The goal of the "teams" is for students to be involved in interdisciplinary units.  That experience gives the student the ability to see commonalities between the classes they are taking and how concepts can be learned in the different curricular areas when centered on a common theme. Adding to their experiences are the exploratory classes.  A second goal of the teams is for teachers to meet on a daily basis to plan the units, discuss student issues, which may include academic progress or social issues, and meet with parents.




History of Morton Junior High School


The emblem for Morton Junior High is a ceramic bean pot with a Large M on it.  The original industry that founded the Village of Morton was a pottery factory making field tile to drain the swampy lowland for farming.  The bean pot also became a big item for this factory.  From this historical fact, the symbol for the "Junior Potters" came into being.  The pottery factory was dismantled in 1979 and is now the site of our community library.  Morton Junior High was formed in 1955, part of Elementary District #644.  The Unit District #709 was formed in 1970.




Morton Junior High School Song


Oh, we're for you dear Morton Junior High

Loyal to the red and white.

Let's all cheer for Morton Junior High

Give a cheer with all your might

Rah! Rah!


Oh, we'll be true to Morton Junior High

Onward to the end.

Watch our team go on to victory

Hurrah for Morton Junior High