Special Education

The Resource Department is excited to be working with you this year. It is our goal to provide students with supports and services to ensure academic success while providing them with tools they need to be lifelong learners. We look forward to building relationships with all students, so they will grow and reach their full learning potentials.


7th Grade Resource Homework Page


8th Grade Resource Homework Page


RISE - Reaching Independence through Supports & Education

The RISE program fouses on functional life skills using curriculums such as News2U, Unique, and Attainment.  Community-based instructional experiences are also a large part of the program.  Students shop at Kroger for needed groceries and then cook meals in class.  The devleopment of vocational skills is a priority.  Students are idetified for htis porgram by certain program parameters based upon their educational performance.


ACES - Academic. Connections. Emotional. Support.

This is a 7th-12th program which utulizes Lion's Quest Social Emotional curriculum with the focus of being an environemnt for students to regulate and return to class.  This program is run by a special educatio teacher and supported by teh scholl psychologist and social worker.  Students are identified for this program by specific program parameters based upon student's social/emotional needs.