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StudentsSupplies List/Locker Information







Student Supply List and Locker Information – 2015-16



Depending on the student’s Team, additional specific supplies may be needed. Teachers will communicate these needs during the first few days of school.

All Students:

Pens (blue/black and red)

Pencils and pouch

Colored pencils


Loose leaf paper


Box of tissues (for Homeroom)

5 – Pocket folders for each class

3 – One subject spiral notebooks

Fine point black Sharpie marker

Index cards (3x5)

Earbuds (for IPad)

3-ring zippered binder (Please note: not all binders will fit into a locker! You may want to try it out before you use it to ensure it fits…see locker dimensions below…lockers are given out at Registration)


Physical Education: Available on registration day or from PE teacher

P.E. uniform (shirt-$10, shorts-$10)

Athletic shoes




 · 7th Grade – downstairs

 · 8th Grade – upstairs

Locker Dimensions:

· Door: 57” tall, 8” wide

· Locker: 11” deep, 12’ wide, 49” tall (below shelf), 9” tall above shelf

How to Open a Locker:

· Turn dial clockwise several times to “clear” the internal memory

· Turn dial clockwise to first number in combination

· Turn dial counter-clockwise to the 2nd number in combination (you must pass the 1st number)

· Turn dial clockwise directly to the 3rd number in the combination

· Example combination: 33-4-21… “clear” the memory, turn clockwise to 33, turn counterclockwise to 4 (after passing 33), turn clockwise directly to 21

PE Lockers:

Students will be assigned a locker and lock from their PE teachers. Students must use this school-issued PE lock. Students are expected to keep their belongings inside their lockers, locked at all times. Student/athletes will be provided a larger locker while they are in their respective season.


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