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Today is Friday, November 16, 2018



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It's a GREAT Day to be a Jr. Potter!

MJHS Quotes of the Week


On Today's Birthday Calendar

AUSTIN DAVIS and JARED DOWNES are the only two birthdays on these Potter grounds. Strike up the band. Let the birthday wishes abound. Wish them happy birthdays, here and around town. SUNDAY BIRTHDAYS, we’ve three more in store... for MATTHEW ROBINSON & MICHAEL ROBINSON and BLAKE TUCKER. May your celebrations be grand and your surprises all sweet. Savor the good wishes from everyone you meet. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS TO AUSTIN, JARED, MATTHEW, MICHAEL & BLAKE.

You Need to Know TODAY:

Better get assignments in… especially late and missing. Midterm is TODAY!

Lunch News

Entrees of the Day:


FRI: Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Green Beans

SNACKS, BOTTLED WATER and COOKIES are not included in the meal deal. The meal deal is the main entree of the day… or an alternate Sandwich or Pizza… plus a milk, at least one veggie and on fruit. 

Cafe Tidbits

Extra fruit costs more. $2.65 is the cost of the meal deal. Please discuss with your parents the amount you can spend daily. Don’t forget, the number THREE is the magic number in a $2.65 MEAL DEAL - You must take an Entree… that can be the Entree of the Day OR one of the alternate options like a burger, slice of pizza and chicken sandwich...but YOU MUST ADD one MILK and at least ONE FRUIT or VEGETABLE to complete the $2.65 meal deal. Potato Chips, Bottled Water and Cookies are NOT in the standard meal deal. Be sure you discuss them with your parent BEFORE you add them to your plate for extra cost.

Lunch Charges

Do you have lunch charges? Just a reminder that if you have a lunch charge you need to put money on your account immediately. Your parent can pay on EFunds or a check/ cash to the cafeteria at your next lunch. If you do not get your charges paid you will be referred to the office to talk to Mr. Hoffman or Mr. Carter. Be sure and get them paid right away.

Things You Need to Know:

From Mr. Hoffman:

If you are a bus rider, you MUST NOT LEAVE SCHOOL GROUNDS BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL. NO trips to the gas station or Jimmy John’s, even if you have a late bus.

The View From LMC:

On this day in 2001, the British author J.K. Rowling’s star creation–bespectacled boy wizard Harry Potter–makes his big-screen debut in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which opens in movie theaters across the United States. Based on the mega-best-selling fantasy novel of the same name, the film, which starred Daniel Radcliffe in the title role, went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies in history. To date, the Harry Potter films are the most financially successful series in history, having surpassed both the Star Wars and James Bond franchises.

Detention Today:


FRI: Mrs. Ogden =- Room 210

SAT: Mrs. Ogden - Room 210

If You are a Student with an iPad:

This announcement is for you. Your iPad is a learning AND communication device. Checking your email is a student responsibility. Not optional but an expectation. PLEASE add an alarm to your iPad if you need one, but you need to check your email at the beginning and end of every school day - and more often, if possible.

Forgotten Items

There is a black shelf in the office is the Island of Forgotten Items dropped off by parents. The office does not call you down forgotten items. It is the student’s responsibility to come seek and find your forgotten items on the shelf. Come and look any time between classes. Your parent may email you to let you know it is here. Your email is [email protected]

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is outside of the cafeteria doors across from the bathrooms. Look for your items. They are donated several times a year when the shelf is full. THAT SHELF IS NOT a place to put binders and iPads while you eat lunch. Binders and iPads MUST be in lockers during lunch.

MJHS Club News

Today's Clubs


Art Club

Art Club explodes with colorful fun. Join us after school most Mondays until 4:00. There's no cost, just come on up the art room after school. We'll meet nearly every Monday.

Chess Club

Chess Club - remember to get your permission slips for Brimfield in to Mrs. Serrurier or the office by Tuesday November 20th.

Chess Club THURSDAYS in the LMC until 4:30. Please email Mrs. Serrurier with any questions or if you can’t attend club. kimberly.serrurier @mcusd709.com

Disc Golf

DISC GOLF is done for the year. Thank you to all of those that participated. We hope you had fun!

Drama Club


Drama Club will meet Tuesdays (After the School Musical) from 3:00-4:00 in room 218 with Miss Henrichs! See Miss Henrichs if you have questions. [email protected]

Homework Club

Do you need a great place to do your homework after school? Homework Club is the place for you. We will be meeting Tuesday and Thursday in room 210. The time will be 3:05-4:00. You do not need to stay for the whole hour if homework is completed. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Ogden.

Junior Potter Writing Center

The writing center is now open for everyone to use on Tuesdays from 3-3:45 pm and Thursdays from 7:15-8 am for peer tutoring. If you ever want help on any writing assignment, stop by the writing center in Ms. Shore’s classroom, Room 212, or submit your writing for online feedback. The student coaches look forward to helping you get it write!

Miss Shore is the sponsor. Writers meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays as assigned. Check Google Classroom for the latest updates.

Math Counts

SEE MR. BREAUX if you missed the meeting but are interested in Mathcounts.

Scholastic Bowl

No meetings currently scheduled

Student Council

Check Google Classroom for updates.

T3 (Table Top Time)

T3 happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 3- 4:15 in room 117. New players always welcomed!" If you want more information see either Mr. Parrott or Mr. Stork.

Yearbook Club

No meetings currently scheduled

From the Sports Desk:

Boys Basketball

The Potter boys play tomorrow, Saturday, 11/17 @ Pleasant Plains. Game time is 10:00

Girls Basketball

The Lady Potters ended their regular season last night with a pair of wins over Tremont.

The 7th grade started off the night hot and quickly finished off the Turks with a 42 to 8 victory.

The 7th grade team starts their regional play tomorrow morning, taking on Bloomington Evans.

The 8th grade team finished out the night pulling away from their opponents in the 4th quarter. Strong defense helped the Potters limit Tremont to under 20 points.


Tryouts will be the week after Thanksgiving with more specific dates, times and locations to come. Turn SPORTS physicals into Mrs. Parod. Parents need to register you online, specifically for volleyball, even if you have participated in other sports. If this is your first sport, they need to complete additional online forms.


If you have any questions, or did not attend the meetings, please contact Coach Gashaw. Don’t forget your parents need to register you online, specifically for wrestling, even if you have participated in other sports. If this is your first sport, they need to complete additional online forms.

From the Music Desk:

School Musical

Wayward Instruments

Instruments found in the GYM can be collected with detention referrals. If you instrument remains in the GYM… expect a detention.

Limited Edition Jazz Choir