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AthleticsGeneral Information

Mission Statement


Morton Junior High School is committed to providing meaningful opportunities to all students.  We believe that through athletics, students can learn valuable life lessons that carry over into all aspects of their lives.  We believe hard work, dedication, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and school spirit are all components that not only make for successful teams but also for successful individuals.  It is our goal that our students succeed in life and we believe athletic participation provides an avenue to learn these many important skills necessary to succeed.  


Participation Requirements


Any student wanting to try-out or “go out” for a team must have the following two items turned into the MJHS office:

1. Physical – less than one year old…new form is valid for 13 months (395 days)

2. Insurance waiver – one per year

3. Activity fee – once per year

            Once you have the physical and waiver turned in to the office, you will be given a “GREEN CARD” to give to the coach on the FIRST DAY OF TRY-OUTS OR PRACTICE.  No one will be allowed to try-out or practice without a “GREEN CARD”.

            The only deviation to this procedure is for softball and baseball.  Those athletes may bring their waiver and physical to the first day of try-outs.

            If for some reason a student-athlete is unable to get a physical in time for the start of practice, the student is expected to attend the practice or try-out and watch until the physical is obtained.

            The district activity fee must be paid to the office prior to the first contest of the season.  This is a one-time fee paid yearly regardless of the number of sports or activities a student participates in.  This can be paid at Registration or online. 

Scholastic Eligibility



In order to be eligible to participate, students are to have passing grades in all subjects in which they receive a grade.  A failing grade in any subject will result in a student being placed on the ineligibility list for one week.  Ineligible students may practice with the team but may not play in contests.  The ineligibility period runs from Monday to Sunday.  After four consecutive weeks of ineligibility, a student will be dismissed from that team.  This pertains to all extra-curricular non-graded events (athletics and activities).  Ineligible players are allowed to practice with the team but may not dress in uniform at contests nor allowed to ride the team bus to away contests.    

Recognition and Awards


Each student athlete is awarded a chenille letter and pin upon completion of his or her first season.  After all subsequent seasons, student athletes receive a pin only. 


Platinum Potter Award - Awarded annually to any 8th Grade student athlete who has participated in a minimum of six sports. 


#1 Potter Fan Award - Awarded annually to the student(s) who best exemplifies the Junior Potter spirit of sportsmanship, school pride and enthusiasm. 

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