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Attendance Expectations: Students are required to attend all days of try-outs. The lengths of try-outs vary from two to five days depending on the sport.

IESA: For future try-out dates, see for full standardized calendars for each sport. We adhere to the IESA’s "first day of practice" for all sports except for volleyball (one week later due to girls’ basketball) and track (two weeks later due to volleyball).

Schedules: Full game/meet schedules can be found at:

Policy: In order for a student to participate in any interscholastic athletic activity, he or she must have the following on file in the office prior to beginning try-outs or practice: 
  - Signed insurance waiver (one per school year) 
  - Completed physical (signed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner) that is not more than one calendar year old (expires after 12 months)…If one uses the newest form, the physical is valid for 13 months (395 days)

Procedure: Students are to turn these two items into the junior high office and then they will receive a "green card" that is to be given to the coach by the student. This card will provide the coach proof that both items have been turned in to the office and the student in eligible to try-out or practice.


* Teach fundamentally sound baseball
* Teach the same skills as taught at Morton High School
* Teach teamwork and sportsmanship
* Teach effort

There are major changes coming to the bat regulations for the 2012 season--the BESR label will be replaced with a BBCOR marking. No bat with a BESR label will be legal in 2012. Bats that meet the NFHS standards must have a BBCOR label on them beginning in 2012. A legal bat today that has a BESR label on it would not be allowed in 2012. Those BBCOR labeled bats are available in sporting goods stores now so a word to the wise---if parents are going to buy new bats for Christmas, summer leagues, etc., we caution you to buy bats that are labeled BBCOR. There are no plans to make any changes to our rule which allows the smaller barreled bats (2 1/4 inches) with a greater than minus three drop.

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