T3 (Tabletop Time)Mr. Parrott & Ms. Jester

Tabletop time (T3) is a club at MJHS that focuses on role playing games and board games. We meet twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4:30. Have you ever wanted control of a character from a video game, book, or movie? You are the hero. You undergo quests and slay monsters, stop evil, get sweet loot, and save the world. Whatever type of playstyle you like, we got you covered. Like to sneak? Check! Like to weird a shield and protect your teammates? Check! Like to shoot fireballs? Check!  Like to convince the orcs to stop fighting you and join you? Check! Come in and play for awhile! Anyone is welcome, whether you know how to play the games or not. It is available to 7th and 8th grade.


If interested contact Mr. Parrott & Ms. Jester.