Speech TeamMs. Henrichs

Individual Events (1 participant)

Ms. Hendrichs


1. Solo Acting: A dramatic presentation by an individual student. This may be a monologue, a selection in which two or more characters are portrayed, or storytelling Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


2. Storytelling: an individual event in which the speaker narrates a traditional myth, fable, legend, fairytale, folktale, or personal narrative built on the framework of a folktale. The choice of material is not limited to any specific genre. The performance should have a spontaneous quality rather than seeming to be memorized word for word. The performer should encourage audience response and participation. The event should seem like a conversation with the audience. The story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


3. Poetry: one person performs one or more selections of poetry. Time limit: 4-7 minutes.


4. Impromptu Speaking: the student will be given two words or phrases from the judge and then choose one and discard the other. The person will then have eight minutes to write and present the speech. The speaker may use one 3x5 note card and a writing instrument. The time will begin when the student is handed the topics. The student may divide the writing/speaking time however he or she wishes. While the speaker is writing, the judge or timer will announce the time remaining at one-minute intervals. Once the speaking has begun, the timer or judge will signal by means of upraised fingers or time cards the time remaining and at the end of eight minutes by an upraised hand. The speaker then has a grace period of 30 seconds to seconds; the performance will be lowered one division rating.


5. Original Script: the student presents a speech, which he or she has written. The speech may be a monologue, poetry, short story, essay, or presentation. All rules and limitations for individual events apply. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


If interested contact Ms. Hendrichs.