Intramural GolfMr. Tierney

Intramural golf is open to any student who is interested, regardless of previous experience. We usually have two groups playing per week from early April to mid-May. Usually Monday and Thursday are golfing days, but that may vary with students' preferences. We play at Fondulac Golf Course in East Peoria and Hillcrest Golf Course in Washington. Cost per round at each of these locations is usually approximately $5 for students. We leave the junior high at 3:15 and are generally back by 5:30. If a student is interested and does not have clubs, we will try to find a set for them, but it is preferable that each student has his or her own set of clubs and other equipment. This is not a "teaching" activity, but pointers on form and technique, as well as golf etiquette and rules are given to help students participate in this lifetime sport. 


If interested, contact Mr. Tierney.