Duet Events (2 participants)

1. Duet Acting: A humorous or serious presentation with direct dialogue or conversation between two contestants portraying no more than two characters, who may speak to off-stage characters or to silent characters. Both contestants must appear or the duet presentation shall not be judged or rated, but may be performed. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


2. Improv Duet Acting: A pair of contestants will be given a prompt to be played humorously. Either of the contestants shall use the prompt, as given, as an opening line. No consultation time will be allowed; the contestants must begin the scene immediately. After the scene has progressed for approximately two minutes, the judge will say "stop". The performers must continue until the judge says "stop". The procedure is then repeated with a prompt to be played seriously, then finally with another prompt to be played humorously. The entire performance, including all three situations, shall be kept under an eight-minute time limit by the judge. 


3. Original Script: Two students present a speech which they have written. The speech must be a duet. The work must be the product of one or both of the students. All rules and limitations for duet events will apply. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.