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ActivitiesAfter School Activities


Chess Club - Mrs. Serrurier

The club meets one night per week after school from October through February in room 215A.  We host the Morton Invitational Chess Tournament in November and also attend the Tazewell County Tournament and IESA State Tournament.   We also compete in a FUN student vs. faculty tournament in December.


Disc GolfMr. Bishop



Intramural Golf - Mr. Tierney
Intramural golf is open to any student who is interested, regardless of previous experience. We usually have two groups playing per week from early April to mid-May. Usually Monday and Thursday are golfing days, but that may vary with students' preferences. We play at Fondulac Golf Course in East Peoria and Hillcrest Golf Course in Washington. Cost per round at each of these locations is usually approximately $5 for students. We leave the junior high at 3:15 and are generally back by 5:30. If a student is interested and does not have clubs, we will try to find a set for them, but it is preferable that each student has his or her own set of clubs and other equipment. This is not a "teaching" activity, but pointers on form and technique, as well as golf etiquette and rules are given to help students participate in this lifetime sport. 


Scholastic Bowl - Ms. Jester

Scholastic Bowl is a great way to flex your mental muscle. A team competition that relies on quick reflexes and clear thinking, participants get the opportunity to match wits with fellow junior high students from around the area. The Scholastic Bowl season runs from late January into early May. Practices are after school from 3:00-4:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Matches typically start at 4:00 and last around two hours. A match consists of twenty four toss up questions and twenty bonus questions. Questions come from a variety of areas, including mathematics, social studies, language arts, science and current events. Please email  with any questions.


School Play - Mrs. Everett, Miss Henrichs, Mr. Beutel

The school musical holds auditions usually the last week of October and rehearsals start immediately after casting.  Most students will have rehearsal 4 nights a week after school.  A weekly rehearsal schedule is given in advance.  Close to performance, occasional evening rehearsal time may be necessary.  There is no cost, but students may be expected to provide their costume depending on the show and the costume requirements.  Performances for this year are January 26, 27, 28.
(We can usually work around some occasional conflicts, but not a regular after school commitment--- that would include sports activities that will go on beyond about the first week of rehearsal. If the season is almost over, we can be flexible but not for any extended period of time. As a general rule, students will have to choose between an on-going sport and the musical.)


Speech Team -  Miss Henrichs
Individual Events (1 participant):
  1. Solo Acting: A dramatic presentation by an individual student. This may be a monologue, a selection in which two or more characters are portrayed, or storytelling Time limit: 5-10 minutes.
  2. Storytelling: an individual event in which the speaker narrates a traditional myth, fable, legend, fairytale, folktale, or personal narrative built on the framework of a folktale. The choice of material is not limited to any specific genre. The performance should have a spontaneous quality rather than seeming to be memorized word for word. The performer should encourage audience response and participation. The event should seem like a conversation with the audience. The story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.
  3. Poetry: one person performs one or more selections of poetry. Time limit: 4-7 minutes.
  4. Impromptu Speaking: the student will be given two words or phrases from the judge and then choose one and discard the other. The person will then have eight minutes to write and present the speech. The speaker may use one 3x5 note card and a writing instrument. The time will begin when the student is handed the topics. The student may divide the writing/speaking time however he or she wishes. While the speaker is writing, the judge or timer will announce the time remaining at one-minute intervals. Once the speaking has begun, the timer or judge will signal by means of upraised fingers or time cards the time remaining and at the end of eight minutes by an upraised hand. The speaker then has a grace period of 30 seconds to seconds; the performance will be lowered one division rating.
  5. Original Script: the student presents a speech, which he or she has written. The speech may be a monologue, poetry, short story, essay, or presentation. All rules and limitations for individual events apply. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


T3 (Tabletop Time) -  Mr. Parrott & Ms. Jester

Tabletop time (T3) is a club at MJHS that focuses on role playing games and board games. We meet twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4:30. Have you ever wanted control of a character from a video game, book, or movie? You are the hero. You undergo quests and slay monsters, stop evil, get sweet loot, and save the world. Whatever type of playstyle you like, we got you covered. Like to sneak? Check! Like to weird a shield and protect your teammates? Check! Like to shoot fireballs? Check!  Like to convince the orcs to stop fighting you and join you? Check! Come in and play for awhile! Anyone is welcome, whether you know how to play the games or not. It is available to 7th and 8th grade.

Duet Events (2 participants):
1. Duet Acting: A humorous or serious presentation with direct dialogue or conversation between two contestants portraying no more than two characters, who may speak to off-stage characters or to silent characters. Both contestants must appear or the duet presentation shall not be judged or rated, but may be performed. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.
  2. Improv Duet Acting: A pair of contestants will be given a prompt to be played humorously. Either of the contestants shall use the prompt, as given, as an opening line. No consultation time will be allowed; the contestants must begin the scene immediately. After the scene has progressed for approximately two minutes, the judge will say "stop". The performers must continue until the judge says "stop". The procedure is then repeated with a prompt to be played seriously, then finally with another prompt to be played humorously. The entire performance, including all three situations, shall be kept under an eight-minute time limit by the judge. 
  3. Original Script: Two students present a speech which they have written. The speech must be a duet. The work must be the product of one or both of the students. All rules and limitations for duet events will apply. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.

Small Group Acting (3-5 participants): Three to five performers characterizing three or more persons presenting one selection. Time limit: 5-10 minutes.

Student Council - Mrs. Rabe and Miss Hasler
Students petition to run in a campaign election. Members represent the student body, plan school social activities, and promote school spirit. Members-at-large - no petition required.


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